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Anxiety in the Age of Trump

The United States 2016 presidential election has brought the country an extreme case of Trump anxiety.  Therapist offices are overflowing with clients trying to make sense of the myriad of issues, offensive language, and presidential orders that generate division, hate, and hopelessness.  This is a time unlike any other, and there is a daily desire to end the nightmare called Trump.  Anyone that suffered from anxiety and depression before the 2016 campaign, has an added burden but many more friends to share the pain with.  Now is a great time to address the stigma of mental illness, as so many others now deal with daily anxiety.

This collection is important because it provides primary resources on the symptoms of anxiety and depression, a host of articles and blog posts for young and old, self-care tips, audio resources for inspiration and thought, and an image gallery for experiencing the power of images to disturb our well-being, or provide comic relief.  The curation of this collection involved choosing views from the middle or left political spectrum, focusing on serious, entertainment, and blog media, with minimal focus on social media.  The collection also was designed to take the viewer through a complete experience, most importantly providing some positive messages in the In-Being audio collection.  The Anxiety in the Age of Trump collection is a survival guide, meant to bring people together and assist in the understanding of mental illness.